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Yesterday at work, something glorious happened: a coworker, for some…

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Yesterday at work, something glorious happened: a coworker, for some reason I don't even know, said the word "smock," which gave me the opportunity to say, "I just like to SAY smock. Smock, smock smock."

A day later I was still laughing periodically.

*edit* When I woke this morning I realized that a considerate person would provide the reference just in case. At the time I wrote this, I wasn't thinking that way, because I was thinking about what happened right after, which was that Mr. Yum caught the reference immediately when I said it at work, one more thing in his cavalcade of attractive qualities.

Seriously, it's a rare man that makes the expression "hottie" come to my mind, but he's fricking adorable. Yesterday in class he vociferously disagreed with someone, which he indicated by saying, "I vociferously disagree with that." He didn't say it with any affectation, just to provide emphasis. He has a vocabulary. :) I don't know if he has the same thing going on that I do, where I have to balance clear communication with my love of language and precise word choices, but I often semi-consciously suppress parts of my normal vocabulary out of deference to the mixed backgrounds of our coworkers. Doesn't change my love for them (the words - do not at present love coworkers).

There were doubtless others in there who knew the word and just said nothing, but my perception of the response was a general "you wha?" while I micro-swooned.
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