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awake again

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awake again

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I am wide awake. This is very bad.

I was lying awake thinking about the way I analyze things. That seemed excessively meta, so I picked up a book. I finished that with no additional sleepiness, so I got up to try to figure out how to sync this phone I have as part of the training program at work. I'm actually not sure which is worse for successfully getting to a sleepy place: failure at troubleshooting or success. I guess it doesn't matter, since I experienced both in turn.

I have been feeling that a cold would like to move in on my body for I don't even know how long now - weeks, maybe. I fight it off, and it never manifests but never quite goes, either, just continues to lurk. I am wishing I had been doing more to fight it in the last week or so. I need to stay healthy for this training.

The germs are stepping up, what with the exhaustion this stupidly late night is bringing on. I feel a cough wanting to start in my lungs. It's not there yet, just a tickle that's been developing for the last few hours. There was no hint of it yesterday. I might be able to fight it off, but not without SLEEP.

I just chugged a can of V8. In addition to whatever benefit I get from the vitamin C, it should also shut up my stomach, which has been telling me it's been nine hours since we ate and could we please get some food maybe, huh, boss? Yeah, my belly is either a dumb minion or a talking dog. Fuckdamn, I have no idea what that even means. I need to be unconscious now.
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