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passing the word

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passing the word

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If you are an old school paper-and-pencil tabletop roleplaying gamer, check out this Gamers Help Haiti offer from DriveThruRPG:

Gamers, Let's band together and see how much we can raise to help the people of Haiti.

Donate $20 and get over a thousand dollars worth of RPG titles. After you make the donation, within one business day the items will be added to your order. Then within two business days after that we'll email you letting you know you can come download them -- the response has been so overwhelming that we have to control the rate at which we're allowing downloads.

I leave it to those who are interested to weigh the risks of donating through a less-established channel and the value to them of the materials offered, but it seems fairly high profile, and I did note that the discounted stuff runs the gamut of pricing. parkrrrr, who mentioned it to me, pointed out that Serenity alone is normally priced at $30 - steep for a pdf of a book, I think, but $20 seems more reasonable, and the reviews on Amazon seem pretty favorable. With all the other stuff that's also part of the bundle, it might be a very good deal for gamers.
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