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Reading in bed without shutting everything but the bedside light off first is pretty much never a good idea. Woke up several times, and when I decided it was time to shut off the light, I stepped on something hard and rectangular. Since I'm waiting for the pain to completely subside so I can sleep again, This seems a good moment to record a dream.

I was in a large institutional setting. It was laid out with huge open spaces and wide halls with lots of right angles, lined with extremely cheap hotel rooms. Picture a combination middle school/shopping mall/college dormitory.

I had all my possessions with me in three shopping bags. I don't remember much of what was in them, but the contents were vitally important to me. A guy from high school, not particularly a friend of mine (I still blame my Facebook attempt for this ongoing dream cavalcade of faces from high school, as before I tried set one up I hadn't though of the guy in fifteen years) took some of my things. I chased him for what felt like ages, calling for him to stop. The halls were moderately full of people, not a heavy crowd but enough that he could easily have been stopped by someone stepping in, but no one lifted a finger. It didn't matter, though, because I successfully followed him all the way to his room.

He was sitting on a couch against the wall to the left as I went inside. On the other side of the room was another person from high school who HAD been a friend and a third guy who was a dream construct person were both sitting at a table. As I was angrily going through my recovered items to make sure nothing was missing, the stranger saw that I had electronic components and asked me to tell him what they were. I said it was an array of things but the bulk of it was resistors and capacitors, and he wanted to buy them from me. I knew I didn't need them, since I wasn't working for dad any more, and they were the only thing I had had that would be valuable to anyone but me, so we bargained for them while I repacked my stuff, and I sold them for 30 dollars. Then my friend made another deal with me, to work on some project of his that involved cutting felt and I don't know what else. While this was happening, dream dude changed into another guy from high school, but said nothing further; he was usually laconic anyway.

Skip in time to where I was leaving the large cafeteria and going back to my own room to unpack. I was thinking about going back to stock up on more food, but then the dream skipped forward again.

I was moving around in a series of underground tunnels. There were two types of formerly human monsters roaming around down there as well. They weren't specifically any particular kind of monsters, but they were similar to vampires and zombies. The brainless shambling killer types were the larger danger to me, but I never actually saw any of them in the dream, I just knew that they were a constant threat. I was with two of the other kind, vampire analogues. I don't know what specifically made them monstrous, as I didn't see them eat or kill anyone, but the only reason I was safe with them was because there was a bond between me and one of them that superceded his nature. FYI, he was not sparkly, though he did have a shiny white washing machine in the middle of an underground labyrinth, so maybe he was Martha Stewart. This comparison should make it clear that he was not a sexytimes monster, just a friend-of-mine monster. Anyway, he was another dream-created person, tall and lean and blonde like no one I know in real life. For a good while, he was able to protect me from his companion by being the boss, using him to patrol while staying with me himself, but then the other guy wandered off to join in the mayhem. My protector and I were about to have to leave his hidden laundry area and go into a set of smaller, yuckier tunnels. Kind of glad I woke up then.
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