polymorphism (polymorphism) wrote,

tiny dorkgasm

I still think it's way cool that we can order pizza online from Papa John's and have it come to our door without ever talking to a person. I'm in favor of human contact in general, but I do think that removing some of the utterly mundane, oft-repeated, utterly functional conversations from the world in favor of this kind of digital efficiency and accuracy gives us the freedom to fill that same time with more meaningful dialogue... or to kill more monsters, which is less sentimental and humanist, but either way, I like having the choice.

I will probably get over this if I order pizza enough times, or if I end up being wrong about the "digital efficiency and accuracy," since it hasn't arrived yet - but it has worked well for me in the past, so I am fairly confident, and human error is always a risk factor, regardless of the ordering method.

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