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I dreamed that I was going back to school, but I had to start all…

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I dreamed that I was going back to school, but I had to start all over at the beginning, meaning first grade. Kinda Billy Madison, but I was somehow doing each whole year. While I do have a completist streak, reserving 20 years just to get through grad school would be a bit much. Still, it's kind of fascinating upon waking.

I went back to the same school I attended in my childhood, but the building was changed pretty substantially - probably a nod to my waking knowledge that it HAS changed a lot, even though I have only really seen that from the outside, and that in this dream I was essentially myself of today. The long long halls of my memory were still there, and bigger. I wasn't as small proportionally as in childhood, but I wasn't as big as I would have been in real life. I was bigger than the kids, but I still fit right into the desks. It does make me realize that that feeling of "I took one right turn, how can I be lost already?" which is so very much a (dumb) part of my life happened first in that building.

I made it up through the third grade. It wasn't much like my actual third grade experience. I don't generally have lucid dreams, at least not that I remember, but during this one I had some meta-awareness, and I thought it was strange that I hadn't peopled the dream with my actual teachers from elementary school but with made up dream people. None of the students were kids I went to school with, either. Actually, those things make this a pretty unusually logical dream. I was surprised that we did all the simple math on computers, too. After that I don't remember much else, except that there was some kind of third grader dance party outside, and I sat on a stoop some ways away and watched.

I think the most interesting thing about the dream was that it hadn't been a waste of time or a punishment, but a thing of value, a useful plan of action, and I needed the refresher. That would actually make sense if it were college, which I would do much differently if I were going for the first time now. I could stand to revisit high school too. Multiplication tables, though, not so much.
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