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New Year's Res List 2010

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New Year's Res List 2010

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First, the 2009 review:

01. At least 2 types of volunteering (library + one other) - volunteered at the library but for less than half the year. 1/4 accomplished.
02. Organize relaunch of Shitty Movie Society meetings - it turns out there wasn't interest in doing this the way I envisioned, but nekouken and I hosted several successful bad movie events. We also started attending the monthly Chicago area MST meetup group. This is a yes.
03. Start South Beach in January - Yeah, we did this. It worked pretty well.
04. Try team writing - not even attempted. Severe writer's block most of the year; even the mundane stuff became almost impossible.
05. More organized social life - sort of achieved this, though it was hampered by a lack of funds. 3/4 accomplished
06. Structured exercise - Nope.
07. Learn how to use Chicago public transit - I took decent strides on this. This was a win.
08. Donate blood max amount of times - not at all. Health issues intervened.
09. Bulk cooking schedule average twice a month - Didn't do this on a regular schedule. Going to say 1/2 accomplished.
10. Shared cooking - I suppose I did help nekouken get his bread making project under way, but I didn't do much myself. Giving that 1/4 point.

So, 4.75 out of 10. Not amazing, but ok. I think my resolutions were kind of lackluster, though. I could use some ambition.

The question now is, do I make resolutions for this year? I've been going back and forth, because everything will change if I get the job that I'm now waiting to hear about... but I won't know for at least another seven days.

I'll be pretty demoralized if I don't get it at this point, so I've decided that it'll be best to have flexible resolutions in place, on the off chance that having them will help me keep moving forward if I end up still jobless, but make them flexible so that I can expand them if employment allows.

2010 Resolutions
Use my to do list
at least 2 types of volunteering
Start South Beach in January
get health care back up to maximum possible (expandable with job)
get back to donating blood, based on my health
Structured exercise
continue getting comfortable with Chicago public transit
make at least 2 trips to visit people (expandable with job)
do at least one craft project per month
continue studying Japanese
continue studying SQL (expandable with job)
make a general education plan (expandable with job)
Bulk cooking every two weeks
Shared cooking once a month
organize my debts and fix my credit (expandable with job)
create a budget with a savings plan (expandable with job)
have a moving out plan in place by the end of the year

I may tweak this if I think of anything good in the next few days; the limit is the acquisition or not of a job.

There go the fireworks - Happy New Year's, everybody!
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