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strangest day

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strangest day

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I was supposed to start my new part time register monkey job today; I was not sure what to do about that, becasue I'd heard back from big company down the street, to tell me they didn't reject me but were just mammoth and slow, and that I might get a call today. I was not sure what to do about the part time job; I felt I had to be upfront about the other job possibility. I can't let them waste resources training me and then quit three weeks later. I cannot be that person.

I was up all night upset because of an email from my dad. I spent most of the night writing about the situation thus far. It's always weird to greet nekouken when he's getting up and I haven't been to bed. It doesn't happen often. He was very sympathetic about Dad though and read all the stuff about it.

At 8:20 B advised me to take a nap so I could work the part time job just in case they still wanted me, which seemed a good idea. I tried to go to sleep, only to get roused around 9 by a call from big company down the street, to administer like part 7 of the interview (seriously, I feel like this process will end with someone asking me if I'm a bad enough dude to save the president), and then offer me the job, pending on drug test and background check. I accepted.

At about quarter to nine I called my college to see if they'd confirm my graduation status, a requirement for the background check. As I feared, they are closed for winter break. I thought there might be a slim chance that the registrar would be in the office, the newly hired registrar I knew was just the kind of goofball to do such a thing. No dice; left a message.

Around 10 I called the drug testing contact info to register for my drug test, which has to be done within 48 hours of job acceptance.

At 11:20 I walked over to the hardware store and told them I could not take the register monkey job.

At 11:30 I hyperventilated while walking home.

At noon i told nekouken to pick up Subway for lunch, my treat.

At 1 I called the local drug testing place I'd been given and made an appointment with a robot attendant for tomorrow.

At 1:15 I went to SLEEEEEP!

At 6:45 I was awakened by a call confirming the drug appointment and to remind me to fax something somewhere, also reminding me to try and find my diploma from college in case the registrar wouldn't do it. A transcript would also work but I can't locate one, though i was sure there was one somewhere.

At 7:00 we walked over to the mailbox to drop a letter of nekouken's, and decided to go to Jester's, the local... greasy spoon? Not sure what you call them - it's that kind of restaurant that I think is particular to Chicago, that has pizza pockets and gyros, but is NOT a family style with the big mirrors and etched windows and big brightly colored booths. I totally had me a pizza pocket.

Around 8:30, on the way back from dinner, we went to the storage unit across teh complex to dig through all my bins of books to see if we could find my diploma. No dice yet, will continue looking.

At 9:20, we decided to go to the liquor store. Actually I decided around 8 but 9:20 is when we actually went. We bought Midori, cranberry juice, a big bottle of vodka, martini mix, mudslide mix and sweet vermouth. You would think we were actually drinkers - unless this year is very different from every other year of my life, we will still have at least three of those bottles two years from now, and two of them may never even have ben used. I have open liquor that I moved TO Nebraska and back. We might drink up the Midori though, as it is yum. The vermouth and the vodka could get used in cooking.

At 10 we had a damn drink - Midori and cranberry, the idea that took us there in the first place. It was better than I remember, and the liquor actually grounded me; as one might imagine, I've been a little bit anfvuioeahprcwhcnawuicndasjknc this evening - I mean that literally, I have made quite a few noises this evening that sounded like linereads of keyboard mashing.

The mood box doesn't have room for my mood which is "hit in the head with the goofystick, and surely a safe is about to fall on me from out of the sky, or a cow, or garbage from a space vehicle or something."
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