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pushing through writing ennui with webcomics

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pushing through writing ennui with webcomics

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I need to make myself write. It feels like this has been a longer gap than I usually let go by between instances of satisfying writing - in the past I've at least posted stupid stuff in the interim, just to keep my head in the game a tiny bit. I have not even been recording my dull-as-dishwater daily goings-on lately, and it's all starting to press outward from the inside of my brain. Since I don't really want to get all Scanners, I decided to pick just something, anything to restart myself, and I landed on webcomics reviews/descriptions/recommendations, since it's something I've been meaning to do for ages anyway. In fact, this isn't my first attempt, but I never came close to finishing last time I tried - and wow, my list looks very very different now than it did the last time I tried this. I have no idea if I'll be any more motivated on this attempt, but if I drop this project in favor of writing about the things that are making me itchy-brained, I will consider that no less a win than if I actually do manage to write something about every webcomic I've ever read.

Below is the whole list, taken from the five relevant tabs on my spreadsheet. Yeah, there's a spreadsheet. Should you click through, be aware that this is one of the main ways I get my geek on these days. I've treated webcomic reading as a dedicated hobby since 2003, and it shows in the number of strips with which I am familar to varying extents. It's a little overwhelming even to me, and I'm the one who did all this reading (FYI, the time spent has averaged out to roughly one whole weekend a month, at least until this whole unemployment thing started). One could certainly see why I think I might fall away from this exercise.

Oh, also, I've had people ask me to mark NSFW stuff in the past, so I went through and tagged the ones that I know to be so - or am pretty sure, at least; I'm not a ratings person and I am just going by memory, so take that as you will. The majority are fine - no one filters for subversive materials, right? - but there may be a few others in there that I missed, especially on the Reading/To Read section, since some of those I haven't looked at yet.

My default assumption is that no one but me will care about this list or the writing I plan to do. If I am incorrect to the extent that anyone wishes to:
  • know my opinion about a particular webcomic

  • give me a recommendation

  • get a recommendation from me

  • point out a broken link (used a formula to do the HTML and haven't checked them all yet)

  • point out a typo

  • point out that one of the strips I have listed as being on hiatus is updating again

  • have me add or remove an NSFW note

  • bitch at me for something I say
or has some other interest or question than those that have occurred to me, please let me know; I'll be very interested.

I'll try to aggregate them in some convenient manner (again, just in case someone cares), but I'm not sure just how yet - I'll figure that part out as I go. I had better not project any farther into the future than that, or I'll fail before I even start!


I have read the complete archive of every strip on this part of the list... at least up to the last time I read it. I don't always keep up. I won't review any strip until I catch up, though.

Antihero for Hire
Applegeeks Lite
As We Were
Bad Gods
Bad Machinery
Basic Instructions
Blank It
Byron Pinkleton (NSFW - nudity)
Clan of the Cats
Count Your Sheep
Cowbirds in Love
Daisy Owl
Devil's Panties, The
Diesel Sweeties
dinosaur comics
Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire
Dr. McNinja
Edible Dirt
Elly Connelly
Geeks Next Door
Girls With Slingshots
Good Ship Chronicles
Guilded Age
Gunnerkrigg Court
Hark! A Vagrant
Head Trip
Heroes, Inc.
Hijinks Ensue
I Was Kidnapped By Lesbian Pirates From Outer Space!
I'm Crazy
In His Likeness
Jack (NSFW - nudity, violence, gore)
Jim and Tonic
Least I Could Do
Looking for Group
Machine Flower
Medium Large
Menage a 3 (NSFW - nudity)
My Cardboard Life
My Life in a Cube
Near and Far
Non Adventures of Wonderella, The
Order of the Stick
Other People's Business
Penny and Aggie
Penny Arcade
Punch an' Pie
Questionable Content
Real Life
Rock, Paper, Cynic
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Short Packed!
Sketch Fervor
Sluggy Freelance
Something Happens
Something Positive
Sore Thumbs
Stolen Baby Road Show, The
Tao of Geek, The
Thinkin' Lincoln
Three Panel Soul
Two Lumps
YU+ME: Dream

Infrequent or Accumulated

Like the Current list, I've read the complete archive of each of these strips. These are the ones that update infrequently or irregularly, or that don't make sense to me when I read them a few pages at a time - stuff with long and/or complicated story arcs, or characters who look really similar. If I find myself backtracking in the archive every time I read the strip just so I can figure out what's going on, it gets moved to this list.

Alien Loves Predator
Catena Manor
Chester 5000 (NSFW - nudity)
College Roomies from Hell!
Dollar Late and A Day Short, A
Dom In Distress (NSFW?)
Eye Eighty
Flaky Pastry
Geist Panik
Girl Genius
idiot comics
If You See Something
Jenny Everywhere Chronicles, The
Kawaii Not
Neko the Kitty
No Need for Bushido
No Rest for the Wicked
No Room for Magic
Noses Optional
Ozy and Millie
Raine Dog
Remedial Comics
Rhymes with Witch
Rob and Elliot
Sabrina Online
Sexy Losers
She Died in Terrabonne
Suburban Jungle
Super Stupor
Venus Envy
Wapsi Square
Wisdom of Moo, The
Zombie Hunters, The

Reading/To Read

This is a pretty broad category. A strip could be on this list for any of a number of reasons: I love it and want to reread the archive; I need a refresher of more than thirty strips or so; I used to read the strip, lost the URL and have rediscovered it but not caught back up to current yet; I'm in the middle of reading the archive for the first time; I came across the URL and started reading before stashing it on this list; it was recommended by a friend; or it's one I've not read at all but really caught my attention when I came across the link (unlike the 500 plus strips on the Not Started tab of the spreadsheet, which I will not be reviewing for obvious reasons). If I get to these, I'll talk about what I've read and either remove what I haven't or, yanno, read them.

Acid Reflux
Adam's Road Gang
Alpha Shade
Anders Loves Maria
Angels 2200
Battle for Gobwin's Knob, The
Bess Effect, The
Bob the Angry Flower
Butterfly, the Original
chopping block
Circuit TV
Class Menagerie, The
Cyanide and Happiness (NSFW? - violence, gore, grossout)
El Goonish Shive
Errant Story
Everyday Decay
Fight Cast or Evade
Flat Feet and High Heels
Ganbare! Shimura-san
Get Your War On
Joy of Tech, The
Lang Lang
Lovecraft Is Missing
Lowest Common Denominator
Miss Mab
no fourth wall to break
Paradigm Shift
Platinum Grit
Red Meat
Red String
Ribald Youth
Rogues of Clwn-Rhan
Sally Forth
Schlock Mercenary
Silly Cone V
Sorcery 101
Talismen: Return of the Exile
Triangle and Robert
Two Rooks
VG Cats
Wonder Mark


These are strips that aren't updating but haven't ended. If an irregular strip isn't updated in six months or so, I move it over here. Some of these strips have been in that limbo for years, and at that point I will move them to Archive, but there's no urgency. I haven't got a real need to move them around unless the link disappears or I get annoyed with repeated checking back. I only do that a couple of times a year, because though it's unlikely, some strips do come back. Heck, Scandal Sheet has come back from lengthy breaks at least three times, and Save Hiatus at least once, ironically enough.

9 Planets without Intelligent Life
Acid Zen Wonder Paint
Activities for Rainy Days
Coffee Achievers
Diesel Sweeties: Print Version
Easy Skankin'
Experiments in College Ruled
Filthy Lies!
Hello Cthulhu
Holy Bibble
I Am Geek
Instant Classic
Jesus Christ: In the Name of the Gun (NSFW - violence, gore, grossout)
Kristy vs. the Zombie Army
Liliane, Bi-Dyke
Max and Lily
Midnight Macabre
My Name Is Might Have Been
New Adventures of Bobbin, The
Planet Karen
RPG World
Save Hiatus
Scandal Sheet
Something Positive - 1937
We the Robots
WTH Comics


These are strips that have officially ended or that I culled due to extended hiatus. Some of these are unbelievably good, and I'll recommend them occasionally because they ARE over. It's ind of like only reading books of authors you know are dead - it's a bummer because you can connect with them this one way but never meet them, but on the other hand it's finite, and you don't have to race to catch up with anything (unless you like V.C. Andrews, of course, but that's so 1987). I only take things off this list if they go offline completely.

Anne Frank Conquers the Moon Nazis
Arcane Times
As If
Bad Boys of Computer Science, The
Basil Flint, PI
Boy Meets Boy
Buck Godot
Comedity 2.0
Cool Cat Studios
Crap I Drew on My Lunch Break
Cute Wendy
Eternal Caffeine Junkie
Exploitation Now
Full Contact Origami
Helen, Sweetheart of the Internet
Home on the Strange
It's Walky!
Jake the Rake
Joe Average
Living Tales of Zombie Jesus, The
Mac Hall
Makeshift Miracle
Pirate Jesus
poppycock circus
Queen of Wands
Repository of Dangerous Things, The
Strange Someone
Ungrateful Dead
Unicorn Jelly
Wendycomic (NSFW - nudity)
Wicked Powered

No Longer Reading

For most of these I noted the reason I stopped writing, so I'll be sure and include that. For the ones that I didn't make note of it, that means I'll have to review if I'm to do this all the way completist. Oh joy.
8 Bit Theatre
Bruno the Bandit
Crazy Kimchee
Cute But Sad
Genrevous Point
Guinea Tech (NSFW - violence, grossout)
Insert Coin
Modern Hieroglyphics
New Adventures of Queen Victoria, The
Passage to Seamier
Peter is the Wolf (NSFW - nudity)
Rasputin Catamite (NSFW)
Softer World, A
Syntax Errors
Ted Rall
templar AZ
Todd And Penguin
Totally True Adventures of Dinosaur and Robot, The
TRU-Life Adventures

I don't know if this fix attempt will work in the long term, but I feel a little better right now, so that's a start.
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