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I had a job interview on Monday for the giant telecom with an office…

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I had a job interview on Monday for the giant telecom with an office right down the street. It's been a pretty lengthy process: early last week I spent about an hour filling out an online application, then I had a phone interview on Friday for about 45 minutes, then I went in person for an on-site assessment test that took another hour, followed by an in-person interview. The latter didn't take that long, but there was a long wait for the interviewer to be available. I didn't mind the wait, though, as it was better than dressing up in my suit just to take a glorified typing test. Plus, I was there with another interviewee for company, and we kept each other company (she was nervous) and got to spend much of our wait time asking Antoine, the guy who administering the phone interview and conducting the whole process, a whole lot of questions about the company.

Funny story: I was there before the other woman who went through the process with me - I was early but I think she was running late. Antoine came out and shook hands, and noted that the other woman wasn't there yet, so he went off into some other room. While I waited, I was messing with my phone, and then it rang. I answered, and it was Antoine, calling from the back room. I thought for a moment that I'd somehow called him, but then he asked where I was and I said, "I'm right out here, in the lobby," at which point I realized he must have been trying to call the woman who hadn't yet arrived, and HE realized that he'd accidentally called the wrong one. He came back out and we laughed past his embarrassment, and the other woman turned up right about then so all was well.

I think I did well, and, obviously didn't wash out at least up until the last step. Still, I could have sworn he said I'd hear back by the end of the day, and that didn't happen. It was 4:20 when I left on Monday, so I wasn't surprised not to get a call, but I kinda expected to hear yesterday. They were going to do a background check, though, and those usually take quite some time, so that does seem like an awfully quick response, and I'm thinking I possibly misunderstood what he was saying. I think it'd be making me nervous regardless, except that at this point I'm feeling largely numb to the whole job hunting process.

Meanwhile, I got a call from yet another temp agency regarding a different job for which I applied online, so I'll be heading over to Oakbrook Terrace tomorrow afternoon. I just want this to be over.
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