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Turkey Day was pleasant, and I hope the same was true all around.…

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Turkey Day was pleasant, and I hope the same was true all around.

For the dinner itself, we skipped the big family do; Mom had to work that day, so we stayed in the area and had a small family dinner. Bob did most of the cooking, but on Wednesday/Thursday morning I made Teatime Tassies and a fairly hilarious first attempt at an ice cream mold to celebrate Mom's birthday, as she prefers the seasonal pies to cake. Meanwhile, nekouken made bread, and also the breakfast quiches from South Beach that Mom likes, since she was out of them.

Once all these cooking bits were finished and packed, we hustled over to their place... where the turkey had not cooked as quickly as was expected - the much vaunted Reynolds bag did not live up to the hype. This was fine, though, as it was very early in the evening, and not surprising, either, as it was a 21# bird (for four people!). Mom also re-baked the pecan pie she'd made two days before, as the center was very liquidy, and nekouken prepped the sweet potatoes to "bake" in the microwave. Mom also made this awesome stuffing on the stovetop at the last minute as an alternative to the "baked in the bird" (though that was fine). In retrospect, I think I probably need to find out how the heck she made that; the bread cubes were crisp as if they'd been deep-fried, but I don't think that's what she was up to at the stove. It was nice to be in a busy holiday kitchen without it being packed to the gills - their kitchen is fairly boxy, so there's room to work around people.

While all this went on, we all worked at restoring the kitchen by handwashing, drying and putting away the massive massive amount of dirty dishes generated by making this huge meal. It wasn't every pot pan and utensil they own, but the cooking dishes plus the ones from the dinner itself would have been more than three dishwasher loads, though since we ate off the china, that at least would have had to be handwashed regardless. We got a good bit of it done before the food was ready, and more would be done after the meal.

The meal itself was quite excellent. Bob's first turkey came out wonderfully despite the delay, and he made cranberries starting from fresh, which were probably the best ever for me - I'm not a fan of things cran but those were pretty ok. Mom'd made gravy as well as pesto intended for aspagagus that we didn't eat, either because I didn't pick good stalks when I did the shopping or I left them wrapped up too tightly (could have been either, oops), so there was the side benefit that I found out that pesto and turkey goes pretty well. There was mom's stuffing, and a small green salad, and the sweet potatoes with butter, and I swear there was even more that I'm forgetting, a ridiculous amount of food for we few. I didn't overeat during the meal, though I may have been the only one. I had my eyes on the pies, or the pecan anyway. That's what makes the holiday for me (that and the greenbean casserole, which we did not have). The second baking made the topping and pecans very crispy, and I thought it was wonderful.

Mom and I tried to unmold the ice cream, which came apart at the color join. I would say that perhaps the layer of grated pecan separating them was a mistake, but really the mistake was losing the instructions on how to make the mold. I have directions for what I wanted to do somewhere, cut out from a magazine or newspaper, but I couldn't find it and did not have luck online, either. The mold was in a bowl that was probably a poor choices of shape, now that I think of it, and the ice cream didn't have time to freeze solid again, which I think is why it separated. The mold wasn't made with the ice cream I'd have chosen had I the budget, either, and Bob pointed out that it was very pecan-centric for us to choose vanilla and chocolate, as that's not a good combo with pumpkin, at least according to him (if he was serious, it's hard to tell with him). Still, it was good fun, and anyway, it's really hard to ruin ice cream.

- - - - - - - - -

Friday we went to langs_place's with leftovers. We shared our remaining bread, and the in-bird stuffing we brought all got et. I also put out Tassies - the crusts on those were mostly made with whole wheat flour, and they turn out heavier but still tasty. Maybe if I sifted the crap out of the wheat flour before mixing, and rolled the crusts out gently instead of pressing them with my fingers, they would be airy. They were pretty ok as-is, though, or I wouldn't have brought them.

Ours weren't the only sweets brought. I tried things early on and was fairly restrained about others later (which was hard! The sugar, it caaaaaalled me), though I eventually had to flee the table to get away from yet another influx of brownies and blondies. Before I did, though, I got an impromptu lesson in SQL from Ben, which I think will be very helpful. Also met his girlfriend adaya36, who is fun.

Before and after my time at the table, I got a tiny bit accomplished on a dragon who does not want to be finished (though I would have gotten farther if I'd remembered to put the stuffing back in the craft bag, duh). However, think I officially give up on working on crafts away from home unless I'm on a train. I did spend some quiet time fiddling with it, and that was nice, but I can't multitask it. People are distracting and I can't count properly while I'm talking, so ultimately most of what I do with it is show off... which is fun, don't get me wrong, but it's better with the finished product, and I'm less likely to lose as-yet-unattached body parts. Then again, the last ones I lost WERE on a train as far as I can tell. Can't win for losing.

Hm, that makes it sound like I was mostly an asocial crafter. It didn't take much time at all, it's just the part of the evening that I have the most thoughts about. Most of what I did was lie about, talking and laughing and hiding under blankets, which is one of the best ways I know to spend an autumn night with friends.
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