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3 things I did today

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3 things I did today

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I cut my hair - turned out fine, and within the usual range, though this one is a little squarer at the back than most of my cuts. I didn't get the mood lift I so often do, but I did alleviate the increasing annoyance of all that hair, and that's a good.

I set up an interview with a new agency. I still am not doing enough in the job hunt, I still need to work harder, but at least that one is a concrete step. It sounds like they will have work coming soon, as well. Here's hoping.

nekouken and I went joined bammba_m for an Opera On Tap performance in the city at Angelo's Taverna. We had spinach pizza on flaky bread and listened to pieces from a wide variety of operas. I rather dig this digest version of the art form. There was an attractive man with a voice that notched him well up into the range of hot. Also, we were musically assaulted by a baritone. There was a table of what appeared to be opera groupies at a table behind us, clamoring for tenors, who are promised for the December show. We're planning to go.
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