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I have no general news - my unemployment situation hasn't improved,…

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I have no general news - my unemployment situation hasn't improved, and instead has slightly worsened. I don't need to gripe, as I am not unhappy very much of the time - more than I would be if I were employed, but hey, whatcha gonna do? - but man, am I ever having a serious struggle with apathy. Every thing I do takes more willpower than it does when life's copacetic. I compared it to being suspended in aspic, and I'm sticking with that rather icky analogy. This has been going on for some time, and I wish I'd written about it earlier so I wouldn't have to now, but writing is another thing that's harder to do. I figure this will end when my status changes, and then I'll look back at this slow motion period without real comprehension of how it happened - not that I understand it from within, either. If I did, maybe I could combat it. That being said, I'm not totally helpless, and this week I have been doing some things to try to strike back against the apathy:

1. Had dinner at dagmarian and apollyonus's. Got out of the house, got my dose of adorable toddler, and watched some Nick Jr. for the first time. The Upside Down Show is, well, extremely surreal - the show features a LOT of pantomime but they also talk constantly. Surreal is not generally a favorite direction of mine, but the guys doing it are so high energy that it's enjoyable to watch, and I do like some of the ways they played with the eye of the camera, such as in the Action Fingers segments (sorry, can't find a direct link but there were several appearances in just the one I saw, so my guess is that it won't be too hard to find). They worked material for the adults in around the edges, which is decent of them, as so many of those shows are just brain-deadening.

2. Started working on crochet toy projects again. That dragon pattern has been calling me, so I'm doing a couple and then figuring out what to do next.

3. Tried a new recipe using dried soybeans. It was all right. It really needs its own post.

4. Made it to electronics recycling in St. Charles for the second month in a row. Shouldn't need to go back for some time, as we've cleared out the bulk of the broken crap. I feel so very good about keeping that stuff out of the landfill.

5. FINALLY did something with the computer stormdog gave me ages ago. When it comes to computers, I've been an end user, not one to mess around inside the box. In the past I've just asked friends to do those things for me. I know which cords go where (as long as there's not a problem), and I can install software and find drivers for hardware, and generally know enough not to be the annoying kind of user for the IT people wherever I'm working, but I've had someone else set up all my wireless cards and routers, and I've never set up a computer for the first time from scratch. I'm pretty tired of that dependency.

I initially started by trying to set up the new-to-me machine. With nekouken's oversight, I swapped in my DVD drive and wireless card. My video card wasn't compatible, so it would have been a downgrade, but I was going to see if I could handle being without one. However, even though everything functioned when I turned it on, I do not know enough to set up a new machine to use the wireless. The machine could see the wireless, but was giving me a message saying that Windows wasn't configured to manage the connection, and I could either use some other software to run it or use some windows related program to set up windows to handle it. Microsoft's help function these days pretty much assumes you have the internet, which is not that helpful when you're trying to set up the internet. So, I moved everything back to this computer, and nekouken installed half the memory from the other machine instead (I was going to but he did it while I was out of the room). I now have triple the memory that I did, and so far it seems to have fixed most of the problems I was having. I don't think this fixes everything, but this gives me some time to figure out what to do for the long run. That one fix has made me feel a whole lot better, as the computer problems were really dragging me down.

Yay, I posted!
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