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scenes from a fall afternoon

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scenes from a fall afternoon

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It's beautiful outside today. I don't feel cold at all. I've been out once, and though I don't really have anywhere else to go, I'm thinking of going there anyway, just to be out, just to be.

Of a sudden, the yellowed leaves are falling so quickly from the tree outside my window that I keep being surprised it has any left. The wind doesn't seem too strong, but it appears to be just right for fomenting this leafalanche.

Buddha is on the sill, trying to watch every single leaf fall. The sheer numbers make this a practical impossibility, and it's transformed him into a creature made of twitch. It's funny to watch, though it's calmed down some since I opened the blind for him - until then, he kept falling off in bursts of panicky flailing. The open blind is allowing Nona to watch the show as well from the comfort of the bed.

Around most of the buildings, the lawns are still bright green and mostly bare of leaves. The grounds crew have been hard at work all day, raking the leaves into piles and then snorking them up with what looks like a cross between a golf cart and an anteater. I imagine they'll be taken somewhere to be made into mulch. It's work for the crew, and I guess I approve of mulch, but there's a bleak tidiness to the ground they leave behind. I prefer looking out on this small cache of untamed autumn, and I wish it were larger, even if it did mean leaves drifting into the foyer. Later in the season I'd wish for their absence, but I figured that's why we have mulching mowers.
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