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Last night in the course of Googling I came across a site called…

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Last night in the course of Googling I came across a site called Christian Nymphos. It's part of that "reclaim sex for good married religious folks" movement, which is a topic deserving some serious discussion.

At the moment, however, I can't have that conversation, because I'm completely distracted by the masthead image at the top of the page. I find it weird and amusing that rather than putting the line, "Married sex: Spicy, the way God intended it to be!" over anything sexy or suggestive or even slightly naughty, they instead went with a very artistic layout of, well, literal spices. Going just from the photo, I'd think I was looking at a cooking blog.

To my mind, this metaphor doesn't lend itself well to literalism. Yeah, there are a lot of ways that food and sex are connected, but even in the most stripped-down progression, there are at least two steps between a pile of raw ingredients and hitting the sheets. Even when you factor in the concept of foodplay, raw spices just don't bring the sexy.

That being said, I'm fairly libertarian socially; if hurling paprika at your partner is a turn-on, I say go to it. However, I'm gonna say right here and now that I personally am not ready for a "heating up the bedroom" how-to that recommends cayenne pepper. Capsaicin is a hard limit.
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