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So. Going the temp agency route for employment was always dead easy…

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So. Going the temp agency route for employment was always dead easy up to now, but it has left me with a crippled skill set for job hunting. I'm finally learning, but it's a slow process.

Since Thursday, I have been trying to write a cover letter and tweak my resume for a proofreading position. As I settled in to force myself to finish this process this morning, I found that the position's already filled. I'm not surprised, as it was posted a month ago. I'm sure they had a surfeit of applicants within the first week. With the job market as tight as it is, I'm guessing that if you don't already have it ready to upload when the posting goes up, you're too late. Still, I don't think the work has been wasted.

The upside here is that proofreader is a job I would actually want. It's still a low-rung position, but it's work I can actually care about beyond just the work ethic that makes me care about EVERY job I touch. It's also in the publishing industry, and that seems like a better place for me than the financial services department of a transportation company, or the scarily gigantic bank I so briefly graced with my presence. I could stand to move up in that kind of environment, which is new. In previous jobs, I did not want more responsibility, as I already wasn't happy in my work.

I'm going to finish what I started with this cover letter, and then look for similar positions and apply to those, and send the resume to similar companies that don't currently have the position open. Then I will think of another job I'd actually like to have and do the whole thing over again.

If this all sounds very duh, well, yeah, I'm sure everyone else already knows how to do this. This is what I mean by crippled skill set. I have never done this before. I've never pursued work I actually wanted to do, and I have never done it the resume way. I found my first three jobs in the paper and then I discovered temp-to-hire. I didn't have the skillset to get awesome jobs that way, but I have always been content to just work for the money and then go home. Nebraska upset my applecart. Even with all the goofy red tape and crazy patchwork of inefficiencies that comprise a state job, working for EMS gave me a taste of what job satisfaction is like. I want that again.

I know that this is a difficult process no matter what angle of approach you take... but I think that those jobs that didn't matter were a large part of the problem. Fitting my acquired work skills to work that I want to do might be the key to keeping me afloat in the Swamps of Sadness. I feel good.
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