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Well, I'm out of work again. The official reason I was let go was…

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Well, I'm out of work again. The official reason I was let go was that they were "getting too much pushback" from me. I was a little upset to be let go, but not a whole lot. That job sucked for me.

I'm starting to realize that this is how I'm aging. Whatever flexibility I used to have that allowed me to work for someone I didn't respect appears to be all used up. The same appears to have happened to my willingness to be forced to do things the stupid way because no one around has learned the smart way and I haven't got the background info, the resources or the authority to research it myself.

It actually makes me kind of sad. There are a couple of people in that department who DID earn my respect (too bad one of them was not Flaky, who is the only one who would truly have felt my "pushback") who are overloaded and stressed, and a lot of it is because their methods are stupid. For example, they print pages from one database to compare that information - by eyeball - with the account information pulled up in the mainframe interface. Then they take this information, which has already been entered in two different places, and type it yet again into a spreadsheet. I honestly hope they die without ever learning how databases actually work, because it's a terrible thing to learn that your monumental effort was actually pointless and easily avoided. I wish them well.
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