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I am amused - this morning before I woke I was having a zombie dream,…

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I am amused - this morning before I woke I was having a zombie dream, and it was a comedy. Most of the details are gone, but I know there was not much tragedy - perhaps offscreen, a bit, like when my mom left on a raft; I am not sure where she was going or that she was aware of the zombies, and I thought she might not live to get back. The tension was minimal and exciting rather than horrifying, though. These zombies could still sort of think, just ratcheted down about 60 IQ points. Some of them didn't seem to realize they weren't strictly who they used to be any more. The funny came from individual zombies being surprised - by the realization that conversation wasn't flowing the way that it used to, or that a surefire flirting technique didn't seem to work any more, or that I or some of the other regular humans wanted to kill him, and you could see them thinking, very slowly, Hey, what the hell are they doing! Oh, huh, I guess I'm trying to kill them right back...

Not nearly as good as Shawn of the Dead, of course, especially as these zombies match NO canon - but hey, I think I did pretty well for an unconscious storyteller.
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