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sleep travels - now narrative threads are back!

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sleep travels - now narrative threads are back!

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I was dreaming this morning about two guys who were arguing in a school, battle-of-wits style, and then the protagonist left, and the good guy and his, uh, followers, questing buddies, whatever, all turned themselves tiny (did we have a shrink ray? We had something). I was one of them, had a chorus part for this dream, which always feels odd. The other guy came back, having turned himself into a giant, and our guy told everyone normal-sized to flee the school. The two regular sized people left were a little girl who needed our help to find our purple rope and a lady who came in just as the giant showed up. They were putting us in their pockets for escape and the giant was picking up the school building by its edge when the third snooze went off. I was very disappointed to have to get up.

I also had one last week when I asked someone from high school to marry me and then I never showed up for the wedding. I blame that one on Facebook.

I need to write about the great weekend, but I was too busy having it to write about it. Off to shower!
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