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a day of thingdoingness

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a day of thingdoingness

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This morning before work, I packed up a bunch of unused and not really wanted office supplies, so that I can have them at work where they suddenly become precious commodities. This is much quicker than trying to get them from the supply cabinet, which is usually a piecemeal process. Plus it will help me use up all those sticky note/drug advertisement pads that I have gotten from the nurses in the family over the years.

After work, while nekouken went to get his newly repaired belt, I came home to get ice water and packing tape before heading to the storage unit around 5, where I made great progress. After two hours of work, aided for the second half by the bro, I ended up with:

3 bins that are completely packed, with contents lists typed or ready to be typed
4 bins that are partly packed, that have the incomplete lists of their contents on top of them
10 boxes or bins of books - some time I will drag them all out for organizing and cataloging
3 empty bins, ready to be packed
a stack of empty boxes, ready to be used if needed
a pile of things that have places in the apartment
a tiny pile of things to be added to the Goodwill box

The stacks were organized neatly, and the pile with homes was loaded into the cars. Even though I had a fair sense of what had needed doing at the unit, that's a darned sight better than the semi-random stacks that were in there before I started. Now I just need to integrate it with the contents of the closet and I'm free.

When we got home, Nekouken cleaned the kitchen while I unloaded the car and had a nice conversation with langs_place. Judging from how I felt after we talked, I must have been speaking a mile a minute. I blame the adrenaline, the aftereffects of successful physical labor, and finally feeling like my time in the storage unit is drawing to a close.

Nekouken made dinner while I made some hummus and then put away all the things I had unloaded from the car, after which I got some laundry going. The hummus was originally to go with dinner, but we decided it did not go that well with the main dish, and that instead I would take it as my contribution to the food day at work, which I was invited to participate in only this afternoon - very last minute! In line with that, I went to Jewel for things to go with hummus, as well as a small additional list. When I got home, he and I put the groceries away together.

It was really a pretty packed evening.
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