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small unrelated things

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small unrelated things

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Something made me extremely happy today, but I have since forgotten what it was. Now I still feel residual happies but they're tinged with puzzlement. That such things would not be lost is about the only real justification I can think of for Twitter. My heart will go on, though.

We're getting our login information at work very soon - actually, the two women who started at the same time I did already got part of theirs today. Since we were told a possible wait time of up to a month, I think we're beating the curve quite handily.

I mindlessly followed some ill-conceived instructions today instead of thinking of the smarter solution and presenting it. I thought of the brighter idea on my way out the door. Oops. I blame the brain-numbing nature of what we were doing.

There is a paper recycling receptacle near the place we went on Saturday for the MST meetup. I am so happy about that, because the local recycling place I go to only takes metal, and even though metal is the most important one to recycle, I feel better when I do all of it. Once a month for paper recycling dropoff should be about right, and if we start taking our plastic and glass to someone's house who has recycling, I think we are set. Yeah, I know I could have done the same with the paper but all three seemed like too much somehow, don't ask me why.

I need an oil change soon. Actually it's just one item on my to do list, which is languishing again. I wonder what it would feel like to have accomplished everything. I probably will never know; the only static lists are those that all lead to a single goal, like "get ready to leave town" or "clean this place for company."

My room is coming together, and I think the goal of being out of the storage unit by the end of the month is doable. I think that underbed storage is probably going to be useful. In the meantime, though, the apartment looks as if it's been hit by a tsunami, or at the very least as if we're moving in yet again. Really ready to be done with this part.

I have a backlog of writeups that I need to do. I may end up doing an overview rather than completely failing to record recent events. Gotta get on that!

I feel mellow. I probably don't look it, though. Give me time. And food - I seem very irritable when hungry lately, which is new to me.
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