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Less than fun: waking up to the alarm and not being able to hit…

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Less than fun: waking up to the alarm and not being able to hit snooze because it's not mine, it's nekouken's in the other room.

I was dreaming that I was in that hotel from Pretty Woman (the Regent Beverly Hills?), doing stuff that happened in the movie - but it was the dream version of the flick, as I don't remember Julia sliding down a bannister into a giant soup tureen, which is too bad as I think it really would have moved the plot along.

Time to get ready for work now. Yesterday was ok - everything we've done so far has been basic things I did in my old job to the extent that I can do them in my sleep, but hey, I like sleep. One of my fellow new workers had some trouble with several of the tasks we were jointly working on, and that was frustrating for me. However, I'm trying to withhold judgement, as I think there's a language barrier, and we were trying to split between three people a series of tasks that were really far better suited to one. Gotta love when "teamwork" actually equates to "working at cross-purposes." I don't like working with people I don't know, though; I want so very badly to check their work. I may be doing that today, as I caught some mistakes yesterday. Still, trying really hard not to be bossy... which is difficult, as I trained at least a dozen people to do exactly what we were doing yesterday, and the other two showed earmarks of needing training, while for me it was just like picking up a new account when I already know how to do thirty others - you need some specifics but the jist is already there.

Ok, gotta fly!
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