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a good day for things

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a good day for things

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I got the call today - starting work in the morning. It's not a thrill, but it is a relief. Huzzah for getting off unemployment!

Just before lunch, I got a surprise lightning visit from JJ while she was in the area on an errand. It was nice, since I don't know when her teaching schedule will next have a gap (which reminds me that I need to post about the weekend still - almost forgot, because when I would have done it normally, I had no internet access). The only downside is that she is getting sick, and the closest thing I had to a remedy was head rubs and the recommendation to alternate zinc with the vitamin C (which is tricky, as I am given to understand that if you take them too close together they cancel each other out).

Today I got quite a bit done on a project that's been bugging me, continuing the start I got yesterday - it's not remotely the highest priority but SO satisfying, as the number of unfinished projects I have around me has been bugging me a lot lately.

I also got a very substantial piece of work done at the storage unit this evening, which may actually be the highest priority now that I have work lined up.

I sooo need bed - late night last night and an early morning tomorrow. Tschüss!
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