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little makeup help

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little makeup help

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I'm going through my old makeup - and by old I mean that it's mostly theatre stuff that hasn't been used in 13 years, but some of it is more recent. I have some questions, and I have experienced Google-fail due to the confusing array of information out there (similar to the way I feel when I realize my brand of any grooming product has been discontinud and I have to walk down the long long aisle to find a comparable replacement). If I have to hunt up a community to ask I will but I thought I'd see what my friends know first.

I'm throwing out everything creamy, including the lipsticks, except for the purple one that I know is recent. I'm also throwing out all the used mascaras, but I have one that was never opened. Is that one good to use or should it get thrown out as well? I don't think it's as old as school but I don't know when I bought it - it's Milani Lotta Lash and the packaging says "NEW" if that dates it (it doesn't that I could figure out).

What about the eyeliners and lip pencils? Should I automatically pitch the eye ones to avoid any infection, or would shaving them clean down with a knife protect against that? What about the lip ones? Is there a risk with them?

Do powders go bad? If they have, how do you tell? Again, I'm most likely to pitch the eyeshadows to avoid the risk of infection, but is it possible that they are still ok after all this time? They don't seem any different, though I didn't put any on. Are there the same risks to testing them as there would be with mascara? What about the blush and the general face and body powders - are those safe to test?

Are the lip and cream brushes safe to use if cleaned with alcohol or do they need to go as well? What about powder puffs and brushes? Some of this stuff was barely used if ever. If they still look new, are they trustworthy?

These last few are theatre specific: I had a Bob Kelly pro makeup kit in college. It's a bummer to pitch it, as apparently they don't even make these any more and it was a sweet set, but safety beats nostalgia. Even after all the creams are gone, though, I still have a handful of things left over. Does spirit gum go bad? How about makeup latex? It seems clumpy but mostly liquid - and I never used it, as far as I know it was like that on day one. There's also a mineral oil makeup remover and "hair whitener" that is also mineral oil based. Tradition suggests I find a grizzled old actor to show me the ropes, but that's... not likely to happen, and I kind of think that if it somehow did I'd be too nonplussed to actually absorb anything.

FYI - I don't need anyone to write me an essay or anything. Pointing me to reading materials would be sufficient and much appreciated. I just don't know where to look, and I know at least a couple of people on my friends list really care about the subject, so hey.

Meanwhile, my lips are purple and it smells like a green room in here.
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