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the scammers have taken some typing lessons, apparently

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the scammers have taken some typing lessons, apparently

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Two weeks ago, I sent my resume to a bare-bones job posting on Craiglist, along with a request for more info about the job, and at the end of the week I got back something that seemed reasonable: an explanation of the job and compensations, and a questionnaire about a variety of work-related things. This first email isn't the important part, to my mind, but I'll include it in case the second one doesn't make sense without context.


ACR is seeking assistance with the "work from home initiative" to assist with accounting, data entry and administrative duties online pending the establishment of our new outlets in FL and CA.

Our focus is on VOIP and other means of communication. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of independent providers around the world by leveraging today's most innovative technologies to deliver a full spectrum of high-quality services to the business community.

Duties and functions of this position.

1. Answer phone calls and take messages
2. Audit various forms of payment and payment slips for accuracy
3. Accurately input all cash received and disbursed for each day's transaction
4. Review and process travel expense vouchers for accountability and proper authorization
5. Assist in payroll

The salary is $19 per/hr .
Pay interval is weekly.
This is a full time and part time job. Overtime is 1.5 times pay.


Your duties when work commences are to be provided by your supervisor which would be made known to you .You would be giving Logs and records of company transactions that are back dated and back logged to sort out and help to ascertain balance sheets and computer records of several invoicing and payments made in past transactions.

These are the enormous logs that the company needs an extra hand for which made it necessary for the company to enable online employment with the ever growing needs.
The software you would be obtaining would entail the proper data entry and arrangements of records using alongside Microsoft Office, mostly Excel. This would help make it easier.

After the logs have been processed by you, the end data would be passed on to your supervisor through the accounting software. Training on how to use the software would be made available to you after the equipments arrive.

Here is a brief questionnaire that would help us ascertain your skills and experiences.

1. Why do you want this job?

2. Have you worked as an assistant accountant before?

3. Privacy and Code of Conduct....explain the phrase.

4. Explain what petty cash means.

5. Have you ever worked from home?

6. How would you describe your self?

7. What is your typing speed?

8. Do you have an idea of how to use Microsoft Excel?

9. Do you have office equipments at home?

10. Are you currently employed? If yes, is it a full time job or a part time job?

11. What time ranges will you be able to dedicate to the firm?

12. How many hours are you willing to work per day?

13. Can you make yourself available online 2 hours per day worked.

14. Please list any professional references.

I will be waiting for your detailed response so that we can move on to the next phase.

James Peterson
Head of Personnel Management
Resource for Online Staffs
1093 SW 153rd St, Miami, FL, 33157-1461
(web address): www.absolutecomputerrepair.net

I didn't see any real red flags. Mailing paperwork to be processed sounds like a mildly odd way of doing business, but it's odd in a way that I have wished previous jobs could be. Working from home on a job like this can make sense, and I am given to understand that people exist who do just this. There were also a few typing/spelling errors, but not to the level that screams scammer - and I worked corporate long enough to know that if I refused to work at a company where all emails were as professional as mine, I'd elite myself right out of the job pool.

I did glance askance at the fact that their website is a single page "under repair," but that doesn't really mean anything in the absence of other real problems, and they didn't ask for any inappropriate information. I do fit the bill, so I figured I'd reply and see what the answer looked like. I filled out and responded to the questionnaire - and it took me over a week, as one of my references has been downsized. Any legit job might well be filled in that time period, but it seemed worth seeing what would happen.

Six minutes after I hit send, I got a response that seemed a lot fishier to me than the first one.

Welcome To ACR

We have reviewed your answers and overall application.
Steps you must take before we can fully employed you to our online staff -

There are 3 of them :
1. Full acceptance letter and company details
2. Office equipments, laptop , BS1 and Peachtree accounting software
3. T.O.T Test of Trust

1. Your full employment letter will be sent to you via Fedex or ups.

2. You would be receiving a company Lenovo Y530 Laptop to meet the requirements of our online clerk.

3. Test of trust would involve you handling funds on behalf of the company only once to test your skills on handling financial transactions. The test of trust is your f irst call to duty.. This might be conducted as soon as you have been accepted as of one our online staffmember. You would be receiving payment from the company in the form of money orders and you would be required to process it, document it and make use of a wire transfer and also deduct from the amount to purchase the necessary software. Details on where and how to purchase this would be provided to you via email. This would be the only payment you would be required to handle on your own, all other future payments would be forwarded by you to the company's accounting detail upon your start.

Deductions from money order Or Check-
* $85.00 USD for BS1 and Peachtree accounting software.
* $200.00 USD for your self as a signing bonus . This is to help to cultivate staff towards commencement .
For a total deduction of $285.00 USD from the issued payment.

At this point i would like to ask if you have knowledge on the use of wire transfer like western union or money gram?

Funds will be sent to you to set up a mini office and to purchase the necessary software. This must be accomplished as quickly as possible to proceed with your start date.

Our accounting detail will need your information to issue a money order necessary to proceed with the Test of Trust.

Details should be sent in the format below :

Your full name:
City State
Zip Code
Phone number + Area code
Email Address

I will be waiting for your detailed response so that we can move on to the next phase.

Mr James

Head of Personnel Management
Resource for Online Staffs
1093 SW 153rd St, Miami, FL, 33157-1461
(web address): www.absolutecomputerrepair.net


This looks all wrong to me, from the speed of the response to the sudden introduction of "here, have a signing bonus AND a laptop!" to the wire transfer shenanigans to the fact that his name changed from James Peterson to "Mr. James."

So. I figure the odds are approaching 100% that this is not legit, and I need to not send my full address (I stripped it out of my resume before sending it out to this job) or any more information about me. I just read up on wire transfer scams again, as I've never really wired money anywhere or had it wired to me so didn't retain how they worked. Yeah, this probably is one. Too bad.

What would you do now? I'm thinking of sending back a response saying I'm disappointed that it turned out to be a scam, and also sending the info to Craigslist, not that they're likely to actually have an account there.

*edit* Craigslist already shows the posting as "flagged for removal." Whee.
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