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weekend so far

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weekend so far

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Last night I met up with bammba_m and her gang at Sushi Station to celebrate her new job. I did not know everyone there and didn't harvest any new LJ monikers, but it was good to see recent new friends greenmansgrove and infernus1218 again - hi! *waves* - and I had a good time with everybody. The Bamm has good friends, and I'm not just saying that because I count myself in that number.

I was there for Bamm, not sushi. I would like to like sushi, but disliking as I do not only seafood but seaweed and sticky rice, I pretty much can't. However, I had successfully found foods that involved none of those things:

-- I ordered vegetable tempura, which meant I knew I'd have at least one food I'd enjoy. Happily, the sauce that comes with tempura was awesome so it was even better than expected.

-- I also ordered a beef tongue dish, an experimental order - don't think I've ever had beef tongue before - which was a grand success. The tongue was very thin, dunno enough about cow tongues to know for certain if that was because it was sliced or if that is just how thin a cow's tongue really is. It was thinner than mine, so I would think sliced, but cows are ruminants and maybe that makes a difference to tongue sizes. Grandpa would have known, of course, as a dedicated cattle veterinarian, and I sort of feel like I should learn more (a feeling that I seldom fail to mentally associate with my grandfather, who was a strong proponent of the life of the mind). I could understand anyone's being squicked by it, as it was also a bit strange to think about the fact that I was eating a former tongue, but to my mind, since I have eaten other cow parts in the past and will continue to do so, it's not truly different. It was heavily marinated but in the most excellent of ways.

-- I had drops of sweet bean paste suspended in larger drops of a slightly sweet transparent gel. Forget what they were called and they were not my cuppa, but I enjoy the act of trying new things even if I don't care for the actual new thing, and I gave the third one away to someone who would enjoy it more.

-- I had green tea ice cream, which is not the best ice cream but Slayer ice cream are best so it is all good.

I was sorta bummed that I ended up ordering everything rather than picking stuff off the conveyor belt, as Bamm is correct in pointing out the niftiness of that food delivery system. However, it was more than made up for by the fact that I was not billed for my tempura. I pointed it out to the waitress, but after two attempts to get her to acknowledge that I'd had tempura failed, I opted against switching to fisticuffs and just accepted that hey, I got free tempura!

The restaurant was jam-packed, so we didn't linger. I suggested to Bamm that we go next door to the Caribou Coffee to extend the evening, and that's what we did. We arranged chairs artistically, and talked about movies and cons and people who weren't there. Gossip is, I believe, part of the human condition, but I think geek gossip is more interesting than regular people gossip; the geek population is self-selected for oddity, so it's more likely that the people will be doing interestingly fucked-up things (rather than mundanely fucked-up ones). I didn't know any of the subjects but one, and that one just an acquaintance, but the stories were interesting enough that I didn't mind. We totally shut down that Caribou Coffee, because we are mad like that, and we hung out outside the door continuing the conversation, peeling off singly or in pairs until the rain started in earnest and the rest of the group broke up.

From there, I headed to deepforestowl's. We continued a heavy conversation we'd been having earlier, and came to a working solution before turning in. I also gave her the cute owlet I made from this pattern. I have no progress pics, as this is a super simple little project that shouldn't have taken as long as it did. My only change was that instead of using safety eyes I made my own, concentric circles of black and yellow. I had showed the owlet to Bamm prior to the giving, though only after attaching the eyes, as she has an irrational prejudice against toys with some assembly required and I wanted her to like it. Not only did she, but the eye attachment discussion led to the suggestion of an owlet with an eyepatch, which I am now strongly considering.

Today, after sleeping in and a Denver omelet made by JJ's mom (mm!), we went to see Ponyo. My response: "That was WEIRD." I seem to find Miyazaki's weirdness concentration levels disconcerting in general, as I only got as far into My Neighbor Totoro as the dust bunnies. I haven't seen any of the more complex ones yet; they have been on my list for quite some time but I haven't managed them yet. I think I will be better able to get into those stories than the ones for younger audiences; in this case, magical realism could not carry me quite far enough to accept some of what happened, including the explanation of how the "imbalance in the world" was making the moon come closer to the earth, which was in turn making the oceans higher, and the description of Ponyo as a "goldfish" - she seemed kinda jellyfishy to me, and if there's ANYONE who know what a dang fish looks like, it's the Japanese - but especially the series of adults serenely waving on two five-year-olds heading off on a rescue mission. Still, it was enjoyable though weird; plus, I got dark chocolate Snickers which we totally smuggled in (I feel no guilt because we bought both popcorn and soda, and they never seem to have dark chocolate anything at the theatre anyway).

Then there was dinner and internetting, and that brings me to now. Next up, munchies perhaps, followed by sleep, and then tomorrow heading home to work on the mountain of stuff that is my belongings.
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