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rackin' frackin' maintenance

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rackin' frackin' maintenance

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The window in my room started leaking yesterday - again. nekouken put in the FOURTH maintenance call on this same issue since last summer. And of course, this time - when I made my plans around them showing up nearly a week later for the repair as they have on the last two occasions - is the time they vow to get out here today. I'd actually already left for Mom's* and had to come back to prepare my room to receive them.

The funny part to me: about two weeks after the most recent repair, the dumbest of the three maintenance guys I've met so far** showed up to ask me if the latest window repair had worked. I told him, well, I really can't know that until at least a few big storms have happened. I am not sure why the hell they felt the need to make that followup. Good customer service would require the followup not just to happen but to make sense. We had had maybe an hour of gentle rain in the interim, and I'd told them, every time previous, that it was the heavy storms that caused the leaking. Do YOUR windows leak on mostly sunny days, buddy boy? If so, I think you have problems a whole lot worse than mine, one of them being that I'd be a lot happier living here if you got fired.

In any case, I think I'm ready for them now, and I've vented my spleen here as well, so it's time to re-hit the road for Mom's. As a side note, I have a sudden mystery thumb pain, almost like I jammed it except I didn't, which I note both because it will probably make helping Mom tricky and just in case it lasts and I need a date stamp for when it started.

I hope everyone is having a much less irrating day than mine - which, in truth, started pretty nicely, and I should still be able to help Mom a lot now that this is handled. Now that I'm done griping I feel pretty happy again.

* WHY can I not get to my mother's place when I say I will? I manage it occasionally, but disaster strikes far more often than I'd like when I'm preparing to go there - I make more calls of apology and/or sudden thwartedness to my mom than any other three people I know. This is not even the first time I've had to turn around while on the way to her place to go home and take care of something. WHYYY?

** This is the one who told me, in tones of educating the uninitiated, that "dishwashers aren't for washing dishes; they're for sterilizing them after YOU wash them." Yeah, and that's something I need, because I run a restaurant out of my apartment. I wish I thought he was just joining the unified front of bad engineers, justifying the weak design choices made on the bottom-of-the-line dishwasher that is what I get as a renter... but I think he actually believed what he was saying. Sad, really.
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