polymorphism (polymorphism) wrote,

Yesterday JJ took me to the Shedd Aquarium for Jazzin' at the Shedd. I had not been to the Shedd before, so I had a very good time:

-- I was less than thrilled by the contemporary generijazz that was in the main band's repertoire - I heard two different pieces that I have listened to on hold, which was not something I really found worth memorializing - but the caribbean/jamaican stuff they were playing out on the veranda was very pleasing to me. I didn't know that was considered jazz. I'm not that up on jazz, really, and I'm ok with that.

-- The stilt houses are neat to look at, but I wish you could go inside one.

-- I was not expecting monkeys! I guess it's fair, though, since Brookfield has sea critters. It's like the zoo and the aquarium are crosstraining.

-- The anaconda was huuuuge.

-- I could not find any of the chameleons in their environment - what a shock!

-- I really liked the invasive species area. Very informative! I am fascinated by the fact that the zebra mussels in the one tank are fake, with a side panel explaining that if they had real ones they would not be able to keep them out of the rest of the tanks. They're so pernicious that even being forewarned is not always forarmed, even with all the knowledge that a variety of scientists - let's call them aquariumologists (since I don't know what all actual disciplines they have there) - can bring to bear. That's just astounding, and it brings their status as an invasive species from dry facthood to reality for me.

They should really decorate that alcove with kudzu.

-- JJ called me over to see the scuba diver swim around in the big tank while giving a general lecture about the denizens, in particular Nickel, a sea turtle who became a resident after being rehabilitated from an injury caused by a motor boat propeller. They seem to think she's content, and I guess they're better equipped to determine turtle moods than I am. Also there's a bitty hammerhead shark in that tank - so dang cute!


We didn't see everything; by the time we ate the sea otters and some other critters had gone to bed. The special jazz tickets may not be for the whole place in any case, though I am not certain of that. I don't think I could do all of the Shedd in one day anyway - something about the way the glass makes the tanks look is dizzying to me. The same thing happened when we were in the water parts of Brookfield back in February, but to an even greater extent... if I'm remembering right I had to sit down for a minute. Still, I love to look, and I WANT a fishtank.

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