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which came first, the twisted villain or the fanatic?

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which came first, the twisted villain or the fanatic?

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Some of the people on this list from a blog entry entitled When Science Fiction Fans Go Bad are fans who became bad guys, others are bad guys who also happen to be fannish. Five of them I had seen/read their origins; of the rest, some I know vaguely, others I have never heard of. Kick-Ass, though a mystery to me, sounds right up my alley (at the very least, it almost HAS to be better than Gene Simmons' creation Dominatrix, which I started and was unwilling to finish while in the Frugal Muse).

Is this what the natural outcome of fandom would be if we had nonfictional heroes to look to? I'm trying to think of examples of fans joining the ranks of heroes - not from hero worship but from true fannishness, a fine but real distinction. The closest I'm coming up with so far is the kid from Galaxy Quest. Of course, I have a far from encyclopedic knowledge of superhero origins. Anybody got any suggestions?
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