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bookstore days

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bookstore days

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Last week, in trying to trim down on possessions, I determined to finally get rid of some records that came from various places, the bulk of them in a big group that Mom asked me to dispose of years ago, which nekouken and I (but mostly nekouken) have been dragging around ever since. In my search for secondhand places that take vinyl, the Frugal Muse came up, so of course I thought of moiracoon and stormdog, as I know they love the place and we've been there as a group outing - I think more than once even though I would not be able to come up with dates.

I threw the plan together pretty spontaneously Thursday afternoon, and since it all came together nicely, I loaded up the car and headed east with nekouken as soon as he got home from work. The Frugal Muse picked and chose among the records, books and VHS tapes I brought in, and only took a fraction of my stuff. Once we'd met up, moiracoon suggested I try Half Price Books with the rest. That sounded good to me, though by then it was too late in the day to strike out for another store. We went to the Chinese buffet in the same plaza as the Frugal Muse and had a very good time. The only thing that marred the evening was the contretemps with moiracoon's keys going astray.

The next day, ktp1, temporarily in the area between school sessions, called to see if I had any interest in hitting - oh, serendipity! - Half Price Books. As it happens, the only time I'd been there previously was when he took me several years ago - I do love a good used bookstore, but he makes me look like a piker. So, he came by and we headed that way.

In true adventurous style, we went to a Polish deli to which neither of us had ever been, and ordered whatever looked good out of the mix-n-match lunch special counter. It was all really yummy, though I can't eat that way every day or probably even every week. They had bottled water for 39 cents apiece too, so that was pretty impressive. We sat on the grass above a nearby picturesque though moderately malodorous duck pond - nothing toxic, just the standard problems of having a body of water that is not a fully functional ecosystem. The birds seemed to like it, though, as we had to work to find a place to sit without feathers. There was even a heron hanging out for most of the time we were there. I would not be upset if more of my meals had unconsciously ornamental waterfowl as decoration.

After lunch, Half Price Books took everything I had remaining for $10, which is a damned sight better than the $0 plus potential muscle strain of tossing it all in a dumpster that I feared would be the end result. Some of it might have been worth a lot more than that, but frankly I am just not equipped with either the knowledge or the temperament to search out buyers and make a killing. I am not really a part of the eBay revolution. Perhaps I could if I had the structure of being a storeowner, but even then I'm not sure it'd be right for me. It doesn't even pinch me too much to think of money I may have lost on the deal, as I have no real problem with possibly handing a windfall to an independent secondhand retailer as the tradeoff for freeing myself of the headache of coping with the STUFF. I worked my way up to browsing after reading a cute YA book, An Exchange of Gifts by Anne McCaffrey and an even cuter kids picture book, Good Nightmares in the Emily the Strange line of products (a phenomenon of which I am only peripherally aware, but tentatively approve).

Once ktp1 had headed home, I heard from moiracoon that her keys had been found and since she'd come down to rescue them, she and mocha_mephooki were semi-sorta in the area, close enough to come by. We met for dinner at Cici's and had a pleasant time there, coming back to the apartment for a short time before they had to head out. This was only the second time I had met Mocha, and it is kind of odd how long a stretch there was between the first and second occurrences.

The weekend was also good, but this entry is long enough, and I really feel the need to stop poking at this and go curl up around a book again, as it's that kind of day.
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