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penny wise and pound foolish

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penny wise and pound foolish

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When I was in Lincoln, I bought myself a living room set.

When I moved, we had to take the legs off the couch and love seat to get them through the doors.

Once the move was completed, I found that the box in which we had put the couch legs had disappeared. It was unimportant in the grand scheme of unpleasantness, as the furniture was just in storage, but it was a looming weight on my mind.

In late April, I began to pull myself back together, coming out of the deepest point of my unemployment funk and starting to accomplishing things.

In early May, I contacted the furniture store, looking into replacing the legs. I found out that it could be done easily and inexpensively. Relieved, I chose not to do it at that moment but to wait until I knew what I wanted to do. This made sense at the time, battered as I felt by unemployment and the lack of money.

At around the same time, I looked into and then applied for unemployment for the first time. I qualified, and once the first check came, I no longer felt so severely crunched by money. It became even better once I finally found some work. Even so, it didn't occur to me to pursue the couch feet immediately because in my head the situation was resolved.

Perhaps you can guess where this is going.

The freedom to move back out on my own is, and has been for months, a blurry distant hope for the future rather than anything I can do in the here and now, and that's been the situation for months. Because of this, I have decided to sell the furniture (and stop leaking money for storage costs), which means that the legs will need to be replaced. I just contacted the furniture store to make the purchase, only to learn that in the three months since I researched the matter, the vendor who sold that product to the big furniture store from where I bought it has gone out of business and they can no longer order replacement parts. I am waiting for a return call from a supervisor who will hopefully have some answer for me other than, "Go to a hardware store," since I don't have the basic knowledge to replace the legs on my own and I don't want to halfass something I intend to sell. If they can't help me, I am not entirely sure what my next step will be.

Well, ok, actually that's not quite true. I AM planning to go through all my possessions as part of emptying the storage unit, and I know we didn't leave them behind in the apartment (I called and asked when I discovered they were missing). They either somehow got thrown away as I was leaving NE - and I doubt that, because even in the madness of moving, I don't believe that pointless waste is acceptable, and I threw away as little as possible (you should have SEEN how stuffed that car was when we left, and how little was left over - it was impressive) - or the box they were in got packed into or emptied into another box, and they are somewhere in my far-less-organized-than-I-can-stand bunches of stuff at the storage unit and will turn up in the course of this project. I am really hoping it's the latter.

I've prioritized that organizing task at the highest level, so if they're going to turn up, it's going to be now. If they do not, I will think of something, even if it's "learn some shit about furniture and find/make replacement legs myself." Or maybe "offer the couch and loveseat as is for a relative pittance." I could deal with that. I wish I had gone the easy route and bought them back then, though. Damn it all anyway.

A related note to self: don't reread Atlas Shrugged during an economic depression (or recession or downturn or whatever the fuck badge of semantic nitpickery you want to indulge); it gives Rand an aura of foreknowledge which then has to be stomped back to death. Fortunately for me, I'm firmly attached to the notion that the answer to, "Who is John Galt?" is, "The creation of a writer with a flawed sense of human psychology," so I'm safe.
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