polymorphism (polymorphism) wrote,

I dreamed this morning - strange stuff, and it's still staying with me, so I had best write it down.

My mom and dad were trying to get back together - there was a large element of fate involved, but they seemed to know it was coming and be eager about it. At one point nekouken was throwing giant coins in front of Mom so she would have to keep stooping to pick them up and wouldn't see Dad and catch up with him. They were quite happy when they met, but it'd be pretty disastrous in real life, and that reality, being the first thing that struck me upon waking, is preventing me from remembering how I felt about it in the dream.

This all took place on the grounds of a large bucolic college campus; in the background, separate from our little family drama, the science department of this college was enacting horrifying experiments trying to recreate the origin stories of superheroes. I remember seeing Aquaman in a pool, with the colored costume from the cartoon, and even in the dream I thought, "What's the point of that?" There was a whole array of subjects on a row of high-tech looking medical tables, but the only ones I really remember are the spider-themed ones, Spiderman and one I seem to have made up called the Weaver. For Spiderman, they seemed to be shooting a beam at a palm-sized spider to make it "radioactive" before setting it to bite one of the students from the college. The Weaver was more disturbing. I am not sure what powers they were trying to make manifest, but they were using a little girl, maybe 8, as the subject, and she was held down somehow, with a spider on top of her that was so big it covered her entire chest. I'm not inherently afraid of spiders unless they are crawling on me, and that's just because I'm freaked by ANYTHING crawling on me unless I'm prepared for it, because it might be a bee or wasp, but I would have been scared in this case just because of the sheer size of the thing. The part that really bothered me upon waking was that it was a little girl in the Weaver experiment. The college age people in the other parts of the experiment presumably consented, though there did seem to have been some misdirection about the danger level involved, ala Firestarter. I don't remember her being scared at all, though.

So, that's my dream for this morning. Still haven't been called back in to work, so I don't have paying employment to focus me, and I've been a bit blocked on productivity this morning - lingering vacationesque feelings from yesterday plus dream preoccupation - so maybe writing the dream part out will help me get some stuff rolling.
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