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My grandmother is at Mom and Bob's; we saw her on Sunday but we're going over there again this evening. It is really good to see her, especially without having to drive down to central IL.

I already have 8 updated addresses. Whee!

One of my aunts IMed me just now to wish me a happy birthday. I don't really want to respond; we used to have a special relationship when I was little, and I have never gotten over the betrayal I felt when she kept talking about a patient who kept proposing to her and how it would violate her nursing ethics to get involved... only to turn up married to the geezer, and then divorced again in extremely short order. It looked like a failed attempt to get some of his VA benefits. He was on oxygen and still smoking, and SHE still looked like the dumb one of the pair to me.

I really do not understand why my sleep is so broken in the early morning. Yesterday after I went BACK to bed I slept solidly for four hours, so clearly I needed more sleep. I wonder if Nona's successfully conditioned me; she isn't even waking me any more because I'm up before the sun.

I could so take another day off, mentally, but I really can't afford it, and I feel enough better that it's not really justified. I don't know why rest taken on what should be work days feels so much more restful than the weekend. Maybe because it's stolen!

Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me
Today will be no carb
So tonight I can have cake with impunity

Yeah, I know it doesn't fit. Try to hear it as triplets. :)
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