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I gave myself an expensive birthday gift, one day early - I'm taking…

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I gave myself an expensive birthday gift, one day early - I'm taking today off even though I have no vacation or sick leave accrued. Boringly, I'm not doing any particularly exotic skiving - it's largely as a rest day for health reasons.

So, moving away from that dull topic, I actually have birthday wishes this year, and they're pretty doable and inexpensive:

I would like to see people, but my preference if face time is not possible is chat - I have a mental block about email and a strong aversion to texting, and I am not a fan of my cell phone either, even if the minutes on it were not limited.

If we've never IMed, log in and look me up (I'm almost always on AIM and Yahoo as newlyprofligate and sometimes on Google Chat as 47reader). If we have IMed, but not in a month or more, set aside some time and chat me up (this is not a finger pointing at anyone in particular, it applies to at least a dozen people who may read this and it's just part of life). If we chat frequently, make plans to hang out if you're close enough, and if you're far, I dunno, arrange a Skype meeting or something. If I already see you frequently, then this isn't meant for you, Bamm.

Contact information. Since I am generally broadcasting this request, I should clarify that I only wish to be given what is comfortable to give me - I will not be offended if we aren't close enough for me to have this or that piece of info, as I have friends and acquaintances of a variety of intimacy levels here on LJ. However, it'd be neat for me to get even one new piece of information - a first name, a chat handle. Normally I would just ask individually, but that is work and it's my birthday, so indulge me if you're so inclined. Even if you know for certain that I have all this information, this wish can still apply to you, as I'd like to check it against what I have for errors and omissions, and I find that it's easy for small changes to just glide past you even with the people you talk to every day.

The categories in which I am interested:
Home address (and mailing address if they are not the same)
Phone number(s)
Email address(es)
Chat handle(s) (AIM and Yahoo definitely, Google I suppose, and what the hell, Skype)
Internet presence (I'm not really sure about this, but I like to know where my friends hang out)
Birthday (and anniversary if applicable)

The best way to communicate this info is probably through email or chat, or the private message section on LJ, but I will screen the comments on this post just in case.

I'm off shortly to get a Polish for lunch. Celebrate good times, come on!
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