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prisoner of Pride, part I

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prisoner of Pride, part I

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So, first, the backstory: my friend Russell is moving to the city for school, and I told him months ago that when it was time for him to look for a place to live, I'd help him. The date he landed on for arrival was June 27th, with the house hunting to start the next morning.

Last week, while we were talking plans, I said to him, "You know this is Pride weekend, right?" He hadn't known; I made sure we built time into our travel plans to account for unexpected delays but didn't worry further - I figured we'd have some travel delays and see some interesting things as the tradeoff. I didn't know precisely what KIND of things, as I've never actually been in town for Pride before. I tend to avoid crowds and had not been anything but bored by parades past the age of 8 or so. I have a far greater interest in LGBT folks than in the Knights of Columbus, but I didn't have a real sense of what the tolerances are for a daytime parade. I have a clearer concept now. *chuckle*

What we hadn't realized was that the apartment placement company where he had his appointment was actually ON the parade route. It didn't occur to me to check, and for some unfathomable reason, they didn't warn him what it would be like. They also didn't tell me, once I'd said where I was parked, "Oh hey, you should move your car if you have any desire to leave here any time before 5." I suppose they maybe assumed that we must have realized what we were in for once we were there, but I can't say that's the case.

By the time we'd met the rep, picked out places for Russell to check out (why the company hadn't done that ahead of time I'm not sure, but from watching the process, either the database interface sucked or the guy was not particularly facile with it, so that could be all the explanation needed right there), and driven to all of them, there was no parking left within four blocks of the office, and after we'd walked back, we found that the whole street was barricaded and the parade was under way. We actually weren't sure how to get TO the office, as we were on the wrong side of the street; we asked a cop and he just said, "Well, *I* won't be able to see anything," so we just squeezed through and ran across the parade between floats without trouble.

We weren't quite sure what to do at this point. The original plan called for me to drop him off at his family's house, but I no longer had a dropper accessible.

To be continued...
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