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a nice way to wake up

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a nice way to wake up

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When I woke this morning, I had been having what seems to have been a long dream. Couldn't say what most of it was about, but there'd been a man, one who fell into that narrow physical range that was my original "type," the only type of male that really does turn my head without knowing a thing about him. There'd been a silent flirtation over, hm, open mike night performances of some sort, I think, and we were finally at the point of talking.

It felt good to be doing that, but I was about to have to leave wherever we were go to my part time restaurant job (?) when a flash flood started. While I sat up on a counter with two inches of rainwater rushing over the sidewalk below, my mom called me on my cell to tell me not to invest in CDs.

The paper I was holding that told me where my job was blew away into the flood waters, and without it I didn't know how to get to work from where I was (sadly true to life). The flirty man led me away without saying where, and I went with him. He turned out to be taking me to a public library, where I could look up my workplace on the internet and also return my books.

If this had actually happened in life rather than in what appears to have been a romantic comedy dream, I'd be at least a quarter of the way in love at this point.
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