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LGBT asskickers, unite!

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LGBT asskickers, unite!

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nw1 sent me this awesome game based on the Stonewall Riot.

My thought on this one is fairly simple: it's one of those things where the message could probably be relayed better, but the intent is clear, and it's one of which I approve. Besides, if there AREN'T miniskirted rollerblading nuns with electric kicking power named Chuck in this world, there should be.

On a barely related note: I went back to check yet again, and just as when I first read this, I would totally watch Escape From Homotropolis: The Movie.

*Edit* The first character of the game, George'a, personifies the answer to the age-old question - can Geraldine kick a SWAT team's ass? I suppose that if you can steal Phyllis Diller's hair without getting Dillerized (I don't know what that would entail but I bet it HURTS), you can probably do any damn thing you like.
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