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My discipline has gotten seriously slack on anything that isn't about obeying the timeclock at work, and I'm skating the edge there, too. I'm very tired and a bit sick this morning, solely because of a series of poor decisions, because making myself make the responsible choices was "too much work." Spikes in foolishness, though not a good thing, won't kill me, and even have a purpose of a sort, so long as I recognize that each one means that it's time to regroup. I can't afford a lengthy backslide in any area - my life does not contain enough margin for that kind of error.

The difficulties of unemployment are still with me enough that I appreciate my job even when it'd ordinarily be difficult to feel that way. There are some people who I got to talk to lots while I had all that free time, though, whose availability fell during my now work hours. I miss them.

I can't quite muster any Friday enthusiasm because I may be working on Saturday - like the money, no love for the truncated weekend, and I won't be unhappy if it gets cancelled. Again though, I am still glad enough to have work again that it balances out.
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