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the week so far

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the week so far

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Monday was quiet, we just watched some Heroes and some Stargate.

Tuesday I drove into the city to visit with first sterno (he is a good egg for letting me come back so soon, and it really made dealing with my car so much easier; I bought us a pizza to celebrate) and then dayo and I got to meet the_no_lj_d, who's newly ensconced in the Windy City. The tow was arranged successfully, with the usual AAA deal of changes with each new person who spoke to me; once I was dealing wiht the driver, he called me "love" about 47 times. I found it endearing. He felt like an uncle, one of the ones who knows how to fix stuff when you break it (not the tennis pro). I got to bed around 1:30 because I had to talk to the tow truck driver on the phone a couple of times to get him to the right location

Wednesday at work was long because I was so short on sleep. After I got home, I got the call that the car was ready so when nekouken got home we went and picked it up. Then I was super super cranky, so I took a nap that make me feel much better before the bike maintenance seminar - the bike guy showing us how to change a tire while away from home took up most of the hour, but he was awesomely knowledgeable and I think we will need to go and support his bike shop some. After, I cleaned up the kitchen and then drank a whole bunch of that fruity cheap wine (since i liked it well enough over the weekend that I went back and got more) while nekouken made dinner. We watched one more episode of Heroes and now I am drunk-posting before I go to bed. This is actually a first for me, I think. However, I have definitely chatted under the influence before. I won't be making habit of it, but at the moment, I feel relaaaaaaaaaxed, and that feels good.

Tomorrow is baked mac 'n cheese and TV night - the Stargate watching on other nights is to accelerate our progress (10 seasons is such a huge commitment!). It will be nice to see peoples.
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