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I keep not posting about things until I have time to do 'em up right,…

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I keep not posting about things until I have time to do 'em up right, and then eventually they're past enough that I no longer remember them that well and so write nothing at all. Better to lower my standards and make truncated note of this past weekend. It was a good one and I want to have a memory hook for it.

Saturday I helped Bamm and I didn't even have to do anything really, just sitting there anchoring her to the organization project she had in mind, rewatched Pirates of the Caribbean and also watched most of the second movie for the first time - OMG TENTACLES!!! I borrowed it to finish at home, and hadn't fully caught that it was a cliffhanger, so I will havta watch the third one.

Sunday we had Moira and Storm over; I made a barely adequate lunch - it was quite good until I let it scorch. Even after that, it was ok, I believe everyone on that because we had seconds and who does that out of politeness? Sadly, though, the leftovers went to crap instead of aging into greater yumminess. On an upswing, we all went to see Up and Icried over it, of course. We went for Cici's pizza afterwards, a poor choice on the redeeming nutritional value scale, but sometimes these things must be done, and it'd been ages since I went there. Then, before they had to head home, we exposed them to Clone High. The look on Moira's face was probably a combination of conflicting feelings, because I can't come up with just one to match it. :)

Pushing past the weekend, today's work was bleh: I broke a solder tip, and though my end results have been graded as good, it looks like I need to work on my technique for handling the equipment, and I'm not sure how to do that; meanwhile, my hormones insisted on pouring juice into my emotions, and I had an inner spaz telling me that breaking the tip was a catastrophic failure on my part (it's not - they're changeable, meant to be replaced and breaking is far from unheard of; I'm hoping they're cheap, too, and the breakability suggests that these are, at least I hope it does) and no one was mad at me, or not yet, anyway. I ignored the inner fearmongering but it took some doing, and I am actually pretty pleased with myself for it.

I decided the way to work through the yuck was to claim the evening for myself with movie watching. I had decided that Sliding Doors was what I wanted, and when I was unable to find my copy after digging my box o' movies out of the closet (my work unrewarded!), I called Best Buy and they had it for five bucks, so, I went and got it and came home triumphant and now I have two copies, hypothetically. If the older one ever turns up I will give one away. I like that movie a lot.

I also rewatched Sleepy Hollow, sort of - for both movies, I watched in part but often just listened while I worked on my current project, which is just going spectacularly. This project is a good way to assess my learning curve. It's calling for me to do things for which I am proving able and would not have a year ago. Bamm recently commented favorably on my project-finishitude; it is pleasing me, too, because I have my share of false starts and eternal projects in my . I have really only succeeded at finishing anything on a timely basis since the advent of toymaking. It's survived this far into my reentry into the employed part of the workforce, and I'm hoping to sustain it on through.

Between movies nekouken and I sorta tag-teamed the kitchen and worked around each other until he was at the point of. He did the balance of the work this time, and I probably should have done more, but I was sad about what I was cleaning (the scorched stuff) and didn't want to work that hard, and he took up the slack, which I appreciate.

Gosh, past my bedtime. Gotta head back to work tomorrow. Ah, hush up, my dear anxiety. It'll be ok.
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