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Yesterday I was supposed to walk with dagmarian and Cat (Kat?)…

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Yesterday I was supposed to walk with dagmarian and Cat (Kat?) but a silly miscommunication made me think it was cancelled when it was not, and by the time this became clear I would have had to make them sit around waiting for me to get there, so I stayed home and made chili instead.

Bummer though it was, I'm grateful for the mistake now; my hip joint, which has been problematic on and off since the middle of last summer, has been developing a fresh ache that really ramped up last night, and that's with going to bed at 8:30. I think if I'd tried to keep up with Dagmar, even by the sissy method of matching my bike to her long stride, it would be on fire now.

I wish I'd realized how troublesome this would be while I still had insurance through my last job, but at the time I thought it was just one of those random aches that you get and then goes away - I had no idea it would be so persistent and troubling. The temp agency through which I am working actually offers insurance (many do not) so hopefully I will be able to get affordable access to healthcare in fairly short order. It's a race, though, because I think the work I'm doing, which involves sitting in a chair and bending over a table at various angles, may be causing the flareup. It's certainly given me a few other aches. *stretches*

Hip pain sucks. I feel like I'm 65.
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