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lists don't fail me now

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lists don't fail me now

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When work appeared, my to do list got pushed off to the side. It felt less relevant, and actually it did get downgraded in importance, in a sense - it had an artificial importance to me when it was something to cling to, a tool I was using to fight my way back to productivity and structure while unemployed. I don't need it that way now, but I think it was developing into a really strong functional tool for me, and I still want that. I need to rediscover a happy medium somehow.

Meanwhile, this morning thing is a real bear for me. I have been on time so far - for three whole days. That's actually a fair accomplishment for me, as I've never been good at putting myself together in the mornings or being on time. Working to achieve it again and again, day after day, on this strict a timetable, is going to be a huge stressor for me. It already has, and it's made much worse because of the mess we have here right now.

The apartment is in transition - there's a lot of homeless stuff that needs to be integrated somewhere, and is meanwhile living in freefloating containers that just get shuffled from one "out of the way" spot to the next. We both pretty much need to go through all of that to assess and organize or dispose of it, as well as pull apart and organize every single closet. The kitchen cabinets could use the same treatment. I've also been trying to get my yarncraft stuff accessible and organized, and I should go through everything in my storage unit, because my stay in this apartment shifted to long term quite some time ago, whereas back in December I had packed for temporary. Though my finding work has seriously eased our budget crunch, it's still dead stupid for us to buy things when I already HAVE them, available for the low low price of elbow grease and time spent applying same, unless the need is urgent (yes, I had time when I was not working, but not the energy, and I am not even going to beat myself up over that). We're in the middle of ALL of those things. Calling it a disaster is closer to a kindness than to hyperbole.

I can tolerate messes for a time, but there is a tipping point for clutter, and it's gone way past the usual point of "ok stop and FIX this" because of all these projects are in each other's way. I actually worked for hours Saturday and didn't even touch the things that are impeding me the most, the crap on the flat surfaces. Lately I am in a constant state of just having misplaced something important. It's maddening, and I spent some morning time last week yelling curses while I hunted in vain for obscured necessities.

So. To bring this sucker back around to where I started talking, I've made a list of all the things I need each morning for work:

Work Things
watch - missing
water bottle - need one
headband - need one

I'll gather what I can each evening - already done it for tonight - and then get the food items from the refrigerator in the morning before I go. I suck suck suck at building and maintaining this kind of morning routine, so I've added it to my to do list as a line on the daily checklist as well as a subcategory. If I can just build that ONE habit of checking that list at least once a day, hopefully the rest will be able to hang from that. Here's hopin'.
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