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Not much in the way of deep thoughts today. I used them all up…

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Not much in the way of deep thoughts today. I used them all up yesterday.

Today at work was pretty good. I was on time, I met my quota and went a little bit over - not too bad for the first full day (I was secretly competing with my neighbor, who beat me, but I think I will have her on the run tomorrow, not that she'll know), I felt hot (not nice on its own, but it made me feel "normal" - overheating feels like me), I got a fan, I thought about my posture and tried not to hunch like I usually do while soldering, I accepted some Saturday hours that were offered me.

At the moment, I'm a working stiff. It's not too bad overall. I'd despair if I thought I had to do this for life, but I can definitely do this in the short term without much trouble. I'm not sure how long the short term is - if it were not for the still uncertain economy I'd say I would be dead shocked if I maintained this position for longer than six months - but what matters most is that I will not be developing that lifer attitude, because I'm just not one.

I would like for there to be music at work; my cranial radio was barely working today. :)
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