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Going to take a short term electronic assembly position. Immediate…

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Going to take a short term electronic assembly position. Immediate need, starts next week. I don't even need good luck wishes, aside from the question of, "can I do the job?" It's miniaturized surface mount assembly rather than regular sized throughhole, which is where my experience lies, but I'm pretty confident that whatever skillset crossover doesn't do for me my basic hand-eye coordination will carry through.

Now that I'm in the door I think my odds are good, and the only way I can be denied this shot is if I fail the drug test. The closest I've been to drugs other than alcohol is today's lunchtime splurge at Taco Bell. Oh, I SHOULD take my prescription meds along, just in case!

I can't say I'm excited exactly, but there's sort of a relief. It will be more exciting when I see a paycheck, I'm thinking. I have missed those!
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