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Happy Mother's Day to all the moms!

I'm going to see mine now, and bring her cubed chicken. Because there is poetry in my soul.

Well, I pretty much had to say that because I found it too funny not to, but in reality, the chicken is something she specifically requested. I like providing her better food than she would otherwise take time to make.

I am proud of my mom, and I was thinking this several weeks ago, in a way that has nothing to do with the relative artifice of Mother's Day. Her life is filled with good works - not only is her actual job visiting nursing, which is a taxing and vitally important career, but she and her SO Bob are heavily involved in their church (I am not religious but I think that the social services aspects of religious institutions are a good thing for communities), read aloud to the folks at the senior home once a week, volunteer for CASA* (I not only strongly approve of that, but I like it for the selfish reason that she never feels the need to bug me about having offspring because she already has a dozen honorary grandchildren), and periodically adopt "strays," such as the troubled young mom with the special needs kids, for whom they have bought diapers and groceries and have provided babysitting and transportation to hospice to visit the really sick kid. I think really highly of both of them for all this.

The fact that Mom's having me work for her to help me keep afloat doesn't make any of this more significant, but it does bring her to the forefront of my mind a lot more, because I see a lot more of her and talk to her more frequently. Our relationship is really strong right now, especially when you compare it to how it was five years ago. It is a comfort in the face of my difficulties with Dad. I might keep doing this shopping/cooking thing for Mom and Bob even after I find a day job, if they're still interested - though if I can afford to do it without letting them pay for more than the groceries, I will totally go that way - and use that as a reason to bail on the floor cleaning aspect. *chuckle*

* CASA volunteering, in brief, means that Mom and Bob serve as child advocates in the legal system, looking out for the kids' interests alone, as opposed to DCFS which focuses on keeping families together. These volunteers provide a really important alternate perspective for the judges as they make their decisions in these cases, though I don't know many details, as it's all confidential.

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