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in more lightly sweetened news

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in more lightly sweetened news

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nekouken's doctor has a discount option for uninsured people, so I went a week ago today and gave samples of various things. I called on Saturday when I had not yet heard back about the results.

I am doing well in almost every particular. The doctor listed a bunch of stuff that looks good (like electrolytes), but as a type II diabetic, the one that concerns me most is what they call A1C: the target is for it to be under 7 and mine is 5.5.

The only problem he mentioned is that my good cholesterol is low. While I would rather have all gold stars, this is, in the larger scheme of things, an improvement over my last round of tests in, uh, November, I think. At that time, my bad cholesterol was actually still high, as it had been when I was first diagnosed in April and the nurse practitioner had given me a prescription for cholesterol-fixin' meds. I opted not to fill that scrip in November, to see if the issue would self repair with additional diet change first, and the way that nekouken and I have been doing things since I came back to Chicago seems to have worked, so huzzah.

To improve my good cholesterol, the doctor recommended more exercise, which I have already been doing for the last month. I may not be doing enough yet, or at my current exercise level, that may not have been enough time for meaningful results to manifest - or it may be that they have manifested; it's not like I provided my last set of test results for him to compare (I thought about it too late). In any case, I mean to continue to slowly increase the amount of exercise I get, but just having maintained it for a month is already the longest I have exercised consistently since I finished with mandatory PE at the end of high school.

I have had a lot of success over the past year without killing myself with deprivation, and it seems very likely that continuing what I am doing will net further good results. I also have a sort of action plan for how I am going to get my meds going forward - they seem to be working very well for me, so I plan to continue my drug regimen as-is at this time.
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