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staying in touch

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staying in touch

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Last night I got to work integrating all my various contact info stockpiles. I would say it is a low priority except that it has been low priority for so long that it's become a wiggly, agitated attention-seeker in the back of my brain (think "6 year old who has to pee").

I have TWO different paper sources to check. The one in my wallet, that I stopped using when I got a phone with PDA capability, I am pretty sure is completely backed up and I just need to check it and then recycle it (hmm, I should shred them first). The other is the one I used for years before that, the kind that comes with a diary. Some of the info in that one is really out of date, and most of that work is already done - I just need to go through the end of the alphabet (I think I was up through O, and it seems most of my friends are between A and M) and then scan back through all of them and make sure nothing got missed. When I am done, it will be weird to throw out a book that I used so heavily for a good chunk of this decade. I never cared for it that much, but utility is utility (and cheap is cheap).

On the digital front, I already had all the info from my previous phones, but none of the ones in the new phone were backed up. That is most of what I did last night. I don't have my phone synced to my address book, and may not for some time as I am looking into to downgrading (temporarily, if they will let me - no idea, probably need to sit on hold for ten years to find out). Even if I keep using the ExpensiveBerry, figuring out how to make it sync up is on my To Do list, but it's after so many things that I could not say when it will actually happen - and do not want to lose all the contact information I've gathered to what is essentially an administrative/time management issue. After last night, that part at least is finished.

I've also added in contacts from LJ, AIM and Yahoo - not all of them but any frequent communicator or person I've met meatside. Those contacts are no less important to me than the folks in the phone, but I had not really thought to actively integrate them, as my list was for phones, email and physical addresses. No more!

So I got all that done last night. Funny how all that work narrows down to only one line on the To Do list. Yes, right now everything in my head is tied to the To Do list. It'll ease up. Probably.

The untouched aspect is going through my email archives and pulling out the addresses. I never bothered to make contacts for anyone, but a recent archive fuckup tells me that that is probably not my best plan ever. I'm trying to centralize a lot of things in my life. This is one that works better than some may.

On an unrelated note: dear locals who want to celebrate the First of May - hope you have a tarp! *squish*

This post brought to you by me putting off something I really don't want to do. I officially fail at doing it First Thing in the Morning, but this is all the screwing around I get. Later!
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