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Today ended up being quite good. I was very very productive around…

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Today ended up being quite good. I was very very productive around the house - I put in at least 8 hours of work. The big thing is that I got the bedroom cleaned and the furniture arranged, so that it will be a place I want to be rather than just a place I am. I am ecstatic and nekouken was also full of praise. I did skip a long walk with companions in order to keep this momentum going, which is a bummer, but after so much inaction I can't afford to squander motivation when it surfaces. Hours past the point where it was time to leave for the park, I was still going strong. That is worth my while.

As of today, I am also fully engaged with my to do list, which is a lot more complicated than it sounds. I use a spreadsheet to track and integrate 22 subheadings ranging from vital to informational (like one is for books people recommend to me, and another is for gifts to buy, so I have a place to note gift ideas as they come to me) to goofy. I know that this sounds ridiculously specific, but I am a listy person, and I find that when I'm really in the groove, the closer my to do list comes to being a textual representation of my actual way of doing things, the better it works as a guide.

This list has actually existed for over two years, though I believe all of the tasks that were on it when I first made it are long gone - anything that is still there from THAT long ago is such a low priority that it may never get done. I haven't used this list since I left Lincoln, and actually it was lying fallow for about three months before I left, so it was pretty out of date when I opened it up last week. Heck, I'm still working on editing it now, though I am about to quit and get to bed: adding new things to the current week's list, making the long-term task list more relevant to my life now (for example, I just moved "organize spare keychain" from the main list to Silly/Fun/Time Eaters, because I remember it seemed really important to me when I put it down, but I no longer know why), moving completed tasks to today's column, checking off comleted repeating tasks (daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly) and projecting when I want to do any that haven't yet been accomplished. Obviously, I really like having everything in one place. I wouldn't guess that anyone else actually cares to know this, but sometimes, like now, I'm really just talking to myself. This is the mechanism of why I'm feeling good, though, so it's worth recording. I hope everyone else is doing as well or preferably even better. Night, all!
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