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I had an excellent evening out! I met medusasquirrel and…

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I had an excellent evening out!

I met medusasquirrel and nullmoniker - howdy!

I was in a bit of a silly, holding-forth mode for a while - trotted out some of my goofball theories - the new one that women are crazy because they are are always cold (though admittedly my damned feet are my only confirmable data point - this is a spring of total suck) and an older one that eating at the Cheesecake Factory is dining beneath the Eye of Sauron, which makes sense, because only delicious delicious evil could have created such desserts. I got called odd for that last one. *chuckle*

I also showed off a nearly-finished craft project, which was fun. I did the same with the previous project last week; I should not make a habit of it, as it could just become egregious attention seeking; should just post to LJ and let it be done - but both of these I was bringing to show dayo after chatting about them, and though she wasn't able to be there tonight, it's still an adequate excuse. I still need to post about both projects, but it was fun to show off a bit. Still need to put the legs on the second one too.

It was good to get out and see people again. Glad I went!
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