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Went out tonight. It was a very up and down evening. After some…

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Went out tonight. It was a very up and down evening. After some consideration, I have decided to only write about the up portions so that when most of the evening passes from unassisted memory, those things will remain:

-- Didn't get lost on the way there.

-- Met dayo! We know a handful of people in common and were e-ntroduced (I'm sorry, I can't bring myself to erase this but I will not use it again, promise) a month ago and have been chatting since. Meeting meatside just helps flesh things out (ok, I am clearly possessed by a dork demon), and I look forward to future hanging. Good times!

-- I got to show off the project I just finished. Fun!

-- Dayo's friend Steve gave me his card. I am pretty sure it is only because I said that I could find out a piece of information for him if I had his contact info, rather than having a deeper meaning, but I found it giggle-inducing nonetheless. Being given a card in such a context is certainly a new one on me. It might be fun to have my own cards printed - they would say "Chat Courtesan" and have my IM handles. *laugh* I'm such a dork.

Ok, at this point I'm down to stuff like, "None of the leadfoots who ended up behind me actually rear-ended me," so I'm going to wrap it up rather than go into some kind of subverted cynical pseudo-upbeatness.

(writing time: 15 minutes)
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